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Everything in the world needs a frame of reference in order to be defined. There is no good without bad, no right without left, no with without without, etc. The only way to grow in this world is to run back and forth between the two, pushing on the walls of both sides so that they expand out further and further. To know extreme happiness you must know extreme sadness, and vice versa. 

However, emotions get in the way. We can also “feel” whether or not something is good or bad. I say emotions like sadness, even though they feel bad are “good” in a meta-sense, because without them we would not know happiness. The dangerous thing is in trying to live exclusively in one part of the spectrum. If we try and stay comfortable in where we are, we will never reach the infrared or the ultraviolet.

My Friend(s)

The first week of school has been one of the most trying times I’ve ever experienced. I threw myself back into ballet class, which is always a challenge to get back into, and even decided to get in some extra working out as well. Yet, despite this past week being physically challenging it was my emotions that got the best of me. I experienced some of the strongest emotions I’ve ever felt in my life, deep and overwhelming. It wasn’t the best week, but I learned a lot.

This week, I learned what a friend really is. Some of this may sound like common sense, but I feel like I should write it down in case I forget, so I can come back and remind myself.

A Friend is:

  • Someone who you can be completely honest with, and who will be completely honest with you, holding nothing back.
  • Someone who will listen to how you feel, and tell you how they feel (or don’t feel).
  • Someone who will give you their time, and look you in the eye when you talk to each other.
  • Someone who isn’t afraid to say things that you might not want to hear, because they know that you need to hear it.
  • Someone who will let you know if you are ever hurting them or showing them disrespect.
  • Someone who you respect and who respects you enough that you can both take a risk in hurting each other and know that you will still be friends when everything is over. 
  • Someone who can tell that something is wrong just by looking at you, will ask you what’s wrong but won’t force you to tell them.
  • Someone who will be there to comfort you and help you get through the hardest things in life. 

This is someone you should keep around. This person is honest, brave, and compassionate. You are truly blessed if you have someone like this in your life. 

Life’s a journey, I should keep a journal.

    Hey guys, this is my first post on my first blog. For all intents and purposes, this tumblr blog will be a journal. I’ve seen most people treat their blogs this way, an area to be completely free and honest. To express your interests, your thoughts, your humanity, and even your spirituality.

    I look forward to getting stuck on tumblr for many hours, as some of my friends do. Just another blog among millions, sensory stimulation and pointless information.  Just another distraction for me, among many.

    Despite my bleak outlook, I know this blog/journal will be good (for me). If there’s anything I’ve really learned, it’s that we don’t really know how good we are at expressing our knowledge, opinions, ideas, or emotions until we have it written out. I don’t even know how I really feel most of the time. 

    I think this journal will help me discover who I am, who I will be, and eventually who I was. My life, summed up in blog posts, but never really meaning as much as my life, or any life. That is to say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.